I’m a designer & developer exploring new technologies and design concepts.

Most of my work engagements are focused on improving responsive layout for businesses. Because of this, I’m always researching new responsive layout techniques, pushing the boundaries of web technologies, and creating the tools required to use the techniques I discover.

I also build code demos, write articles, record videos, and invest time in helping people learn HTML & CSS.

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EQCSS is a CSS reprocessor that adds scoped styles, meta-selectors, element queries, JavaScript interpolation, element-based units and more to CSS.

CSSplus is a family of single-purpose CSS reprocessors that allow authors write CSS in new ways using dynamic values that will be updated via JavaScript.

reproCSS is a CSS reprocessor that adds a process="" attribute to the <style> tag in HTML to allow authors to target JavaScript events when reprocessing CSS, as well as interpolate JavaScript.


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